Caras was founded by a group of university students in 2004. Since then, our commitment to the people has become the main engine to continue working for the vision that we believe is possible. For many years our global commitment maintained an approach of actively impacting communities of countries in Latin America, such as: Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Costa Rica. However, recognizing the scenario that Puerto Rico is going through, we created initiatives of great benefit for local communities. Understanding that sustainable development encompasses a wide variety of factors that make it possible, we decided to create a work plan that not only addresses the most explicit needs of the communities, but also those that allow their transformation, such as education and the maintenance of their environmental resources.

Our dedication continued to grow until we evolved and expanded our impact to more communities in the Cataño area and northern Guaynabo. Currently, Caras collaborates with the communities of Vietnam, Amelia and Sabana from Guaynabo. In the same way, our projects are present in Juana Matos and Puente Blanco from Cataño. The social responsibility that has characterized us for the past 14 years has given us the opportunity to continue our efforts for a better future for Puerto Rico. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves as professionals to eradicate poverty through community organization and the development of their leadership to promote self-management. In addition, we promote education as a liberating tool to achieve the social transformation we need and the environment as a healing resource and economic stimulus.