Sustainable development allows human and economic development in balance with environmental conservation. That is why we consider that ecology is vital for the economy, public health and our quality of life.




Participatory reforestation program in the Las Cucharillas Natural Reserve in partnership with the Corredor del Yaguazo, community entity of Juana Matos, Cataño. We carry out educational and participatory plantings with the community, students of the schools of the area and volunteers in general to rehabilitate the reserve that has been deforested by the excessive urban development.


Our nursery produces shrubs and native trees, endemic and endangered while serving as an educational tool for students and residents of surrounding communities. Annually, thousands of trees are produced and then sown in the Natural Reserve Las Cucharillas with the participation of hundreds of volunteers and visitors.


The community laboratory (LabCom) is a world-class laboratory dedicated to environmental research that guides the conservation work of Las Cucharillas Natural Reserve. In addition, it is enabled for teachers and students of public schools in the area, elementary, intermediate and higher levels, to take advantage of the facilities to apply in the field the knowledge acquired in class. More than five hundred students have the opportunity to accelerate their academic development in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The schools use the facilities of the LabCom as an annex, having innovative educational experiences and alternatives that meet the academic requirements of the Department of Education. In turn, the data collected by students nurtures the longitudinal studies led by the Yaguazo y Caras to guide the rehabilitation of the Reserve.